Want to live like a King tomorrow? Sleep like a King tonight !

All about me. How, why and why not, what and what not. Something boring, something interesting and even funny at times. 

Games, Recipes, Music, Jokes and more. What is the point in having a site that is dreadfully boring. Here,  everything is Fun. Seriously!

Man does not live on air alone. Once every month, there is a ritual called 'Paying Bills' and that has to be done. Find about services/products I offer. 

Of course you want to see previous work. In this catalog you will find work genuinely done by me and my. No rubbish or work of others. References available. 

Knowledge is Power, in this world of Information. Sharing my experience, I think, is best way to empowering those who need. 

This is just the beginning. More will come. Wait and watch. Visit often for new contents. 

Smile !!

Some drink at the fountain of knowledge. Others just gargle.