Philosopher, Thinker, Speaker, Writer


… do I want to be all this or it is just a fantasy of mine? More like a child aspiring to be a Pilot or Police or Engine driver for fire brigade. 

Many years later, today, I feel I didn’t have to go about informing people, updating my Facebook or Twitter profile describing me who I am or what I do. You ask me why? The answer is pretty simple. 

Almost Enlightened Author, Hemant DesaiThis and many such things about life, love, relationship, marriage, society, friendship, trust, religion and so on are to be discussed and shared here on this site through blog posts, articles and discussion. Through all that, I might be able to answer the question that why I feel my effort(s) in trying to project my image of being Philosopher, Thinker, Speaker, Writer was were complete waste.

This is probably my last adventure. 

One thing that I wish to understand in this last leg of my journey. I hope and pray that I do get a glimpse of what Love is. Not as an observer. Something that I am already doing. I wish to experience what Love is. Even if it is just a taste. 

This time around, I think I will go no holds barred. Sensitive I must be, towards others. However, not venting out my true inner feelings is also injustice. Instead of speaking up in public where people are not attentive and there are a few who would like to frame you for not saying something, I would prefer to state what I wish to, here on my own site. 

I sincerely hope that more people participate. Share this page and any from this site on your Facebook, Twitter or whatever else. Help spread the word. 

With kindness and support of my friends, I will succeed in this last leg of my life adventure. Stay in touch through these pages.